Warranty information
  • Except for the products sold by particular distributors or limited products, our products are provided with a factory warranty.
  • We have the rights not to provide warranty services and paid repair services for the unidentifiable products or parallel imported products.
  • The warranty may slightly vary depending on the model. For details, contact us or the store from which you buy your product. By presenting the product warranty book or purchase receipt, all Pioneer optical drives for the use with the computers have a complete 12-month warranty; SATA SSD products have a complete 36-month limited warranty ; PCIE m.2 SSD have a complete 60-month limited warranty *.
  • If there is a problem with your product during the warranty period, contact us or the store from which you buy it.
  • The accessories or consumables included with your product are not covered under the warranty.
  • We may not accept the request of the replacement for a new product if it exceeds the warranty period of the product.
  • This warranty does not cover any of the following malfunctions not caused by the product defects.
  • Natural disasters, such as earthquake, floods, and lightning.
  • Improper and incorrect use and product damage caused by misuse of users
  • Non-authorized repair, assembly, removal, and modification to the inside software and hardware of the product
  • Before we provide service, it is your responsibility to back up the data on the storage medium (such as HDD or flash memory) built in your “product” or included with your “product” which will be returned for inspection. We do not offer the back-up service. All data on your storage medium, including but not limited to the videos, music, photos, or game progress, may be loss due to the services or re-formatting. We assume no liability for the damage to or loss of the data on your storage medium, or before, during, and after the service period, the direct or indirect damage due to the inability to use the “product.”
  • With the product warranty card or product purchase invoice, users can have the limited warranty of each product series. For SSD, the limited warranty vary by whichever comes first : i) complete warranty period from the date of purchase; ii) TBW value use-up (If it exceeds the value defined in the Pioneer solid-state drive product specifications, the warranty will be terminated immediately ). Pioneer have the rights to modify the after-sale services and warranty.
  • The farming of digital cryptocurrency, CHIA (XCH), is highly NOT recommended to use Pioneer SSD (including PCIE NVMe Series) . Kind warning and reminder : According to the XCH farming mechanism, using SSD as a plotting drive treating as a cache for high-frequent input/output & running 24-hour-non-stop operation is way to harm the drive potentially. Kindly be noted that Pioneer SSD lifespan warranty is built and guaranteed on normal daily input/output workload. Thus, Pioneer reserves the right NOT to execute the warranty responsibility for those Pioneer SSD that are being returned and proved to be workload-abused on XCH massive plotting or any other similar farming mechanism.
  • * The specifications, characteristics and technical data described in the website are subject to change without prior notice
Warranty Claim Procedures and Requirements
  • To obtain warranty service, you may return a defective product to our RMA service center or the authorized dealer. Please confirm the terms of its return policies prior to returning the product. Typically, you must E-mail to “ support@pioneer-iot.com “ to confirm some information, including model number with a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing. You will be required to provide proof of purchase. All returned parts or products, if replaced or refunded, will become Pioneer IOT’s property upon receipt.
For US, UK, EU and AU area:
  • You may return the product directly to the Return Material Authorization ("RMA") service center after checking product status by Pioneer IOT support. The service center address will be provided by Pioneer IOT support after confirm this product is defective.
  • Once you have obtained an RMA center address from Pioneer IOT, you must, within thirty (30) days, send the product and provide the tracking number. You are responsible for the cost of insuring and shipping your returned products. Products shipped to the service center must be properly packaged to prevent damage in transit. The tracking number must be prominently displayed on the outside of the package. If you send your product to the service center without the tracking number prominently displayed on the outside of the package, it will be returned to you unopened.

For RMA request, please go to