The Privacy Policy of Pioneer’s Official Website

To provide better services, Pioneer’s website will collect the user’s personal data and opinions if necessary, but Pioneer still respects your privacy on the Internet. Therefore, the Privacy Policy will explain to you what data Pioneer will collect, how it will collect it, how it will use it, and how you can revise and modify your data to allow you to better understand the conditions with which we collect data, what data is collected, and how it is done.

Pioneer’s collection of the user’s data

Pioneer will collect the user’s personal data during the following processes:


When you provide your personal data in our official website, you have the option not to accept the message about our marketing events.

Relevant product software/firmware update and download services

To guarantee users have the legal rights to use Pioneer products, and actively inform purchasers of the services, such as product feature updates.

On-line surveys

Pioneer’s official website will irregularly conduct interactive on-line surveys to create products that better meet consumers needs. We will attach a “tag” in a certain manner to the user who has cast a vote to ensure each user can only cast a vote to one question. However, this “tag” is not relevant with the user’s personal data.

Prize drawings

Pioneer may conduct marketing events, such as prize drawings. You may need to submit some of your personal data to participate in these events. You will usually be asked to provide your name and e-mail address; under some circumstance, the user must answer some questions about personal data. The personal data collected here is used to check the identity of participants, send the e-mails to confirm the receipt of the participation form, and contact the participants. The cosponsors may use some of the user’s data only when the user expressly agrees to it. 

However, since the rules and conditions may vary among events, the event duration and all relevant details will be clearly listed. All events comply with the laws of R.O.C.

The web pages you browsed and the personal data such as the user’s ID. However, the data included in cookies are the personal data you provided. Cookies will not read your data stored on your HDD or other cookies written from other websites.


Cookies are short pieces information written by the browser to your HDD while you are browsing the web page. A cookie file may be used for tracking purposes

The use of the user’s personal data

As mentioned above, Pioneer’s official website uses the data voluntarily provided by the user to send newsletters, participate in marketing events, as well as market surveys, and register products. We regularly send our newsletters to our subscribers. If we think that our subscribers may be interested in some events, we will also send newsletters to them. Unless otherwise agreed by the user, Pioneer will never provide the distribution list of the newsletters to any third parties, including advertisers or partners.

Optional policies

If necessary and feasible, Pioneer’s official website allows the user to optionally decide if some data should be retained, including:

█ When you provide your personal data in our official website, you have the option not to accept the message about our marketing events.